RESTORED: Paid In Full

Restored Paid in Full.png

The pressure of living bound up in the principle of Cause & Effect can be overwhelming. It can feel like the Doomsday Clock is ticking away, waiting to catch you in that mistake or moment of weakness.

It’s true – what we plant, we harvest. Often, we get exactly what we deserve.

But Easter takes this a step further. It tells the story that of a real day that actually breaks that cycle in the most significant way – a way that has divided, redefined, and redirected world history. 

And not just world history in this macro sense, in the meta-sense of things, but your history. Your life.  

On Good Friday, Jesus got got what we deserve. Because of Easter Sunday, we can have what he deserved. 

Check out the full message here. Starts around 39 minutes in.

Preached at the Miz City Church, April 21, 2019.

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