Death in the Pot

Death in the Pot 2

No, this has nothing to do with the legalization of marijuana here in Canada. Or anywhere else.

This is about the old ‘bait and switch’ – expecting one thing, getting another. Disappointment.

This is an emotion everyone is familiar with. In fact, I’d say the more privileged you are, the more disappointment can seep into your life.

You see, the more we have access to, the more things there are that fail to deliver the hope they promise. The old bait and switch.

But – what if there was another way to see it? What if, instead, we saw disappointment as pregnant with opportunity?

Then we’d discover a hope that does not disappoint.

And, by the way, this sermon won’t either. See it here. (Message starts just after the 8 minute mark)

Preached at The Miz City Church, Nov. 17, 2019.


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